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Results Optimization

We specialize in optimizing your customer acquisition funnel to drive more transactions – whether that be e-commerce sales or sales leads. Using the proprietary and proven methodology that we use on our own businesses, we will identify improvement opportunities at each step in the conversion process, including: traffic sources, landing page optimization, email marketing, lead nurturing, retargeting, social media, and more.  We can also assist with digital due diligence – we’ll quickly identify risks and upside opportunities.

Tool Selection

Finding the right suite of products to manage your business can be a real challenge. We have deep expertise and hands on experience with hundreds of tools from around the globe for reporting, CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, web page optimization, ad building, A/B testing, website monitoring, social media management, and more. We help our clients get significantly better performance at significantly lower costs than the platforms they are currently using or considering.

Internal Capabilities

Whether you want all or some of your digital capabilities in-house, we can help you build that internal team. We can assess your current team, create the optimal organization, evaluate prospective hires, and provide hands-on training by managing your team through the implementation of our digital strategy.


Marketing Strategy

Whether it’s improving on a current strategy, or crafting a new marketing strategy, we will help you build the strategy you need for all areas of your marketing program, including digital, branding, customer experience, social, business to business, advertising, trade shows, and more.

Sales Strategy

We can help you deepen your understanding of your customer, optimize your sales funnel, and reengineer your sales process to drive more leads and better results.

Business Development

Whether it be a strategic partnership or business development deal, we can help you build the right strategy, identify the right partners through our extensive network, and make it happen.


General Management

We’ve redefined the general management consulting model. Our team of ex Bain, BCG, and McKinsey consultants has at least 10 years of operating experience, insuring that you get quality high level thinking and real world recommendations that won’t break the bank.

Growth Strategy

Whether you’re looking to enter new markets, to drive revenue utilizing existing assets, or for new product innovation, we can help you build and implement strategies that will drive top-line growth.

Private Equity Growth Acceleration

We specialize in assessing private equity portfolios to identify assets that can be improved, then working with those companies to accelerate their growth. We can deploy a triage team of strategy and execution athletes to dramatically improve results.

755$M of Value Created
104Days Taken Off of Sales Cycle
200% ROI on Marketing Dollars
1500People Impacted by our Work

Who We AreThe Who What and Why Our Company Exists

We are Thought Capital. Our team of successful entrepreneurs and CEOs focuses on delivering intelligent sustainable growth strategies and real world implementation.

We're Creative

We’ll use our diverse backgrounds and entrepreneurial spirit to deliver results that surprise and delight.

We're Experienced

Our professionals have diverse backgrounds and global experience in a wide range of industries. The one thing we all have in common: we have deep operating experience and thrive on driving growth.

We're Passionate

We love what we do. The diversity of our clients, our team, and the challenges that we address make Thought Capital an incredible place to work.

We Deliver

We are driven by delivering great quality work and results that matter to our customers and to ourselves at the speed necessary to win in today’s business environment.

Meet our Leaders

Genevieve Bos

Genevieve Bos

Managing Partner

Genevieve Bos is a successful technology executive and board member, professional speaker and innovation thought leader. She has over 15 years of experience in the technology industry as a co-founder or senior leader. She was the co-founder and CEO of IdeaString™ – a SaaS platform that delivered the world’s first socialized innovation and collaboration platform for the enterprise, with customers like GE, Coca-Cola, and The Home Depot.

Genevieve serves as an Advisory Board member for a group of highly innovative technology companies – BLiNQ media, Perfect Post, MLC media and DueProps supporting their strategy, business development and customer acquisition strategies. She was also Co-Founder and Publisher of PINK magazine, one of the founders of ZapMedia and InfoGraphix, and Director of PCS/A mid market running two business units at Radiant Systems (sold to NCR).

Genevieve’s insights are based on a multi-national career delivering results globally in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin American and the Middle East. Genevieve’s mission in all her business endeavors is to help companies elevate their performance and effectiveness while delivering bottom-line results in an ever-increasing global world.

Genevieve’s areas of expertise include: SaaS, Technology distribution, Media Publishing, International OEM software distribution, Sales management, Domestic and international business development, Advertising, Marketing, and Professional speaking.

Lior Weinstein

Lior Weinstein

Managing Partner

As an entrepreneur, Lior has managed to create and help startups in multiple areas of their business, from programming through product to legal and business development in various industries including software, web, entertainment and mobile. A child prodigy, Lior began developing and selling video games at age 12. He went on to build and sell the second largest mobile marketing automation platform in the world which is now being used by over 700 million people globally, handling billions of transactions a month. In his previous life as an affiliate marketer, Lior promoted hundreds of different products and services ranging from DIY chicken coops to satellite TV subscriptions, driving more than 45 million unique users through his network per month. If it’s sold online he has probably been a part of it one way or another.

Lior is an expert on digital tools from around the globe. He is familiar with virtually every solution for marketing automation, CRM, reporting, lead management, email management, social media management, page optimization, AB testing, etc, that is out there, both established and brand new. He is able to design a solution that is significantly less expensive and significantly more effective than the platform the client is currently using or considering.

Lior’s specialties include: Marketing automation, Conversion optimization, Data modeling, Product innovation, Mobile apps (from concept through promotion and business automation), Lead scoring systems, Pipeline development (the digital kind), SEO (any aspect in any niche), PPC (AdWords, Bing/Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook and many more), Remarketing tactics, UX/UI, Desktop software, and Brainstorming.

Jamie Gallo

Jamie Gallo

Managing Partner

Jamie has experience working across multiple functions in companies of all sizes — from startups to the Fortune 500. As President of the Interactive divisions, she built five successful digital media businesses within publicly traded Primedia. She went on to start RentAdvisor, an innovative reputation management and lead generation company.

During her career, she has generated more than $550M in value, raised $57M in capital, led ten acquisitions, and negotiated strategic partnerships with leading companies like Yahoo, MSN, and Interactive Corp. The two divisions she managed at Primedia consistently exceeded financial targets by 15-30% while achieving the highest level of employee satisfaction in the company. She grew the online businesses to more than 6 million monthly uniques and 100 million page views. Jamie has had full P&L responsibility and C-level titles in every role since 1999.

Jamie also has experience in management consulting at AT Kearney, manufacturing at Procter & Gamble, marketing at Ford Motor Company, and R&D at AT&T Bell Labs. She has an undergraduate degree in Engineering and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from The Wharton School of Business.

Jamie’s areas of expertise include Digital media, Strategy, General management, Marketing, M&A, Strategic partnerships, Business model development, Finance, Technology, SaaS, and Product development. 

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